Thoughts….. Just thoughts.

I picked up my notepad to write and a lot of thoughts came flooding into my head. The country is much worse than it was yesterday and maybe better than it would be tomorrow. Yeah, I could be wrong ,I understand but am not being pessimistic am only being realistic. Take a walk down to your local store and see how costly things have become in the past three months. I know how depressing it is. Everything seems to be on the rise. I mean ‘EVERYTHING!’, well ,maybe not your salary.

The country has metamorphosed into a river bank and we have turned into Achebe’s ‘Chike in a deal with Professor Chandus’. Nobody gives a hoot anymore. Be it tragically dramatic as it may, it’s still the simple truth. We are Nigerians, we are risk takers. We would rather play with a keg of gunpowder than fold our hands and die a boring death.

Now I hear the Federal government is pretty worried.I am surprised ,amazed, and shocked at the same time. That is the most humane thing I have heard them do in a long while. It’s a miracle to find out they still have a beat somewhere in their hearts.

But isn’t it a bit too late trying to save us from ourselves?….It’s a little I think, and even much more hypocritical if you ask me.

I called a cobbler the other day and he demanded a pay much higher than the usual. Why is that so?..I enquired. Oga it is because I would be using sterilized leather to mend your shoes…he said.

It was very amusing, there was this feigned seriousness on his face and I just could not help the laughter.  A second later he smiled and made that pleading face of ‘you should understand now’. And of course I did.

What happened to that cliche?.,Yeah, the one on how greedy and cunny the Igbo man is. It’s ridiculous. I wonder how people feed themselves on such sentimental outrageousness. Isn’t it obvious yet, that every Nigerian at one point is ‘DECEPTIVELY’ trying to make ends meet…and he could be Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or from the middle belt.

Sometimes I get really vexed. We worry about too many little details and miss the greater picture there.

Last night was really funny. I was skyping with camellia over there in the US and she seemed to be very troubled. It’s been a while Trump won the election but a lot of people still seem to be agitated over it.     Certainly, it felt like coup, nobody saw it coming, but aren’t you surprised no one is talking about rigging?..There have been plenty of protest… I know… but nobody is talking about making the country ungovernable.

All those people moving around with nicely drawn placards that reads “LOVE TRUMPS HATE” or “TRUMP LOVES HATE”. It’s been brilliant and beautiful if you ask me. Those guys seem to be having a party down there. I haven’t heard of ‘streets being washed in blood’ or ‘heads rolling’. It has just been a pretty protest, very few arrest and very few deaths.

Camellia was really worried and I tried to be supportive because I couldn’t tell her how I felt. I think she is very lucky, but saying that seemed too harsh. I understand that we are all humans and we sometimes want to see our problems as ‘Unique’ and ‘Bigger’ than it is.

But it never is.

Camellia says that her family plans to move over to Canada. I don’t think that’s a bad plan, but I know that it is probably a fanciful thought.

Last year when Buhari won, a lot of folks said they would be moving over to Ghana…  but those guys are still very much around.

I can’t say everything on mind in a post,or in one day or even in a year. I could only say a bit at a time. Small enough for you to read in that very short break of yours and jump back into your ever busy life.

These thoughts are oceans creating waves at different speeds and I try to harness its energy as much as I can and still keep my inner peace.  I may never understand it all, but I can hope and pray and be thankful when I am are blessed enough to break bread.



4 thoughts on “Thoughts….. Just thoughts.

  1. Bro, nice write-up, you just said your mind… straight up.
    Am going have to ask now, are you planning to make money from this blog…if that’s a yes…is it possible, and if yes how…I don’t have one…I would may be prefer you have a website.. instead.

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