Lost, sitting alone and gazing at the moonlight,
Counting the strange shadows pass down the roadside
Whilst humming a tone of solitude;
Life could depress you when it bears.
Itz a worked filled with people in a hurry, and no one really cares.

Once upon a time that was me, before you came,
Maybe down from the heaven where angels are made.
Then I knew I could be lost and wandering no more.
Bathing my heart with glow, you came and everything became clear again.

Love told me to search for grapes, I did and found a vineyard.
Exquisite things in little packages, Cupid finally gave me a present
In you my mornings can start without the Cock’s crow, my day glitter with sunlight
The world is beautiful when I see it’s reflection in your eyes
And whenever you blink those pearls, you skip a million hearts.

Those strawberry lips and that rose velvet tongue
Anyone you ever kissed would come back for more
Those hips that Michelangelo himself couldn’t make something close,
Carved like grooves that beautify waterfall slopes.
In your bosom would I love to rest when the day goes
Cos now, I am found and would never leave.
My adorable one, with you I feel new.

#Inspired by you. Hope you smile when you read it.
#Love that Star gusty aura around you.


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