What am I doing here,besieged in this enclosure of darkness
With these questions that twist and mystify as fast as my
mind sharpens
They say you should never fall, cos now, this happens.
Thoughts squeak and tweak through these misty paths,
Like heavily laden carriages on old rusty tracks.

Is it our faulty hearts, or our weakness for beauty,
Is it the comfort of a knowing hug or the nectar from a sensual lips?
That keeps me prisoner, unchained but not leaving,
out of my own will.

Am enchanted, poisoned by this spell-set twinkle in your eyes
And then you smile, charming mischief written all over your face.
You enjoy every minute of it, but I guess it will only last its while
A little longer, maybe not; before everything starts to fall in place.

And I know it will, because there is something strange
about the air tonight
There is this feeling I have, that terrifies my stomach.
This thing you do, what is it’s purpose.
Would you rather have these butterflies turn to caterpillars
and eat these roses?

Itz not the letting go that pains the most
Itz the mile of nostalgia that encroaches for every mile I lose
Itz the time we waste when the skies could be our muse
It’s the thought of not fulfilling Aphrodite’s last wish.
It’s the feeling that Ero’s shot would end up only as a scar,
instead of a new beginning.

I really dont know what else to say,
I guess it’s more than I can squeeze into these lines,
Well, maybe your horse is too high for you to appreciate the picture,
Maybe you’ll never know

But I will still take these shots in the dark,
Long after the day has gone to bed with the night
And Hope all these worries fade from grey to black.

# Hope the sparrows be kind enough to wake you this Morning
# Cos I don’t know if they feel the Same Way.
# Can’t Hold It Down If Nothing Makes Any Meaning.


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